Maxim Software Development LLC is based in Richardson, Texas and was started and incorporated in 2000 by Christopher Maxim. We provide a variety of services related to technology and information systems. Our emphasis is on the creation and development of quality products that will have a long life cycle and be useful to the people who use them.

We have extensive experience in designing and creating back-end database architectures, multi-user front-end graphical user interfaces, CGI and ISAPI web development, and client-server solutions for businesses. We aim to provide the best possible solution for our clients' goals, whether they be large or small. At times, this means recommending an existing product, and at other times, it makes more sense to have software custom developed. We view the software creation in three interconnected pieces, consulting, design, and development.


To help our clients, Maxim Software Development offers consulting services to determine the best course of action to take when implementing new business solutions or integrating into existing legacy systems.

In order to determine what the best course of action would be, a complete understanding of currently available technologies, currently used software solutions, and a complete list of requirements must first be developed. We work with our clients to gather this information and then recommend a solution.

Every solution is unique. While two clients may have extremely similar requirements for a product, the solution for one company may not by the best solution for another company. By offering consulting services, we can examine each client's unique needs and desires so that we can implement the perfect solution!

Once a solution has been determined, we then offer our services for designing and developing the solution.


Software creation is much like building a house. If the foundation of the house is weak, the entire house will suffer. The same goes for software. If the underlying design of a program is weak, the entire program will suffer. It may mean only a limited number of users may use the program at any given time, or that new un-anticipated functionality may become too costly to implement.

For customized turn-key solutions, once a complete list of requirements and functionality has been finialized, Maxim Software Development starts on the underlying design and architecture of the solution. If the designed solution cannot accomidate your possible future requirements, then why bother with it in the first place?

In order to provide long lasting quality designs, Maxim Software Development offers both relational database and object class architecture designs. We strive to create quality extensible designs so that new features and functionality may be easily added later. While generally requiring a little bit more time and thought, extensible designs save money in the long run by only requiring maintainence and occasionally functionality enhancements.

Once a solid design and architecture has been achieved, we offer our services in the actual development of the solution.


Development is the nuts and bolts of software creation. This is where the actual source code is written, tested, and implemented.

With a complete list of requirements and a good, solid design, the actual development time is already shortened as almost everything has already been thought through. In addition, the development cycle can be shortened dramatically by using rapid application developement (RAD) tools. Currently, we prefer to develop software using C# with either Microsoft .Net on Windows or Mono for Linux.

If a classic approach is desired, the solution can be implemented in any number of languages such as Intel and MIPS assembly, SQL, Delphi, Python, PHP, HTML, ASP, Visual Basic or Visual C/C++ for Windows applications, or GNU C/C++ for Linux/Unix systems.

In addition, Maxim Software Development designs and develops Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) programs utilizing the technology platform of Twilio.

IVR applications bridge the gap between the telephone and computer, and as a result, can be used to save money, time, and man-hours lost to slow, inefficient, and out-dated means. IVR is the perfect solution for streamlining many common customer service and marketing research tasks.

Some examples of IVR applications that have been written by Maxim Software Development, LLC include voice mail systems, automated caller attendants, guest satisfaction surveys, marketing research surveys, survey activated calling cards, contest promotion lines, and sales representative incentive programs.